Original Videos

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RTF's First Short Film: Undocumented

A story about a young Latino man, living in Trump’s America, overcoming the obstacles of working a graveyard shift in order to live out the dream of being a film maker. Unable to reveal his identity, we capture an intimate and vulnerable side of a young artist life. The short will be released on our channel after a film festival circuit. Watch the trailer here .:.

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Issue #4 - NVRLND Release set for May 5

Experience RTF's take on the concept of NVRLND in issue #4. Portraying the place as a teenage wasteland dystopia filled with irresponsible artistic pursuit, issue #3 contains 100% film photography, original illustrations, and poetic storytelling. Made by the kids - for the kids,  NVRLND is a story best understood by young artists fighting social conformity in order to experience life through childlike imagination and wonder. Find NVRLND's debut at Shabang Music Festival in SLO.

RTF Presents - In The Sauce Pot: Mannequins By Day

Respect the Funk did a live studio session with local San Luis Obispo band - Mannequins by Day at the Sauce Pot recording studios. As a 6 piece band with EDM sound design, a choir, and live instruments, Mannequins by Day has a fresh and innovative style. The gang is playing at SLO BREW on February 12, 2018 with the band Wordsauce.

Shed Session Episode: Funk Shui Planet

San Diego band Funk Shui Planet came by the RTF headquarters for a jam that turned into a freestyle session where band singer Ryan rapped about every page in RTF issue 1. As a group of spiritual gangsters, Funk Shui Planet illustrates that sharing music with friends keeps you young forever.

Respect the Funk Partners with 25 Under 25 Film Festival in San Luis Obispo

Respect the Funk has become a sponsor of the 25 Under 25 Film Festival in San Luis Obispo California. Set out to feature films under 25 minutes by artists under 25 years old, this film festival will be the first of its kind on the Central Coast. There will be $2,500 in prize money and stay tuned for the promotion video created by the Respect the Funk team.

Funkazon Prime Delivery Service

Respect the Funk released a new delivery option for magazine orders in San Luis Obispo - Funkazon Prime. As a publication that sets out to authentically illustrate the themes of being young and free, Respect the Funk's Funkazon Prime option adds some serious spice and character to the way we do business.

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Artist Profile: DanMade Graffiti

Respect the Funk met up with DanMade in San Fransisco to document his graffiti hand styles. As a muralist with a rugged handstyle, DanMade has an edgy relationship with his art that keeps his work fresh and potent. He is dedicated to creating. Every day he wakes with the sun focuses on turning a imaginative whim into life. Check out a video of this van he painted!

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Shed Sessions Episode: Akeera (4k)

Singer and songwriter Akeera came by the Respect the Funk headquarters to perform a few original songs. Born on Mars, Akeera tours planet earth with her guitar and multiple personalities. Akeera will be performing with producer Stelouse in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego starting February 9, 2018.

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Our First Music Video: "Wild Ones" by Stelouse and Akeera

Check out Respect the Funk's first music video! Aiming to create narrative films with substance and story line, this music video follows the journey of a new age Bonny and Clyde as they live fast and die young - falling into the detrimental trap of self obsession. Don't miss this motorcycle ride into self destruction!

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Sauce Pot Recording Studio Live Session

Respect the Funk presents In the Sauce Pot: Marching Madness. Straight from Central California, this piece is composed by Max Davis and Tommy Soto and is a cover of Anderson Paak song "Am I Wrong?" RTF and the Sauce Pot have partnered up in order to showcase some the areas coolest talent - check out the video!

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Artist profile: DyoungV

Respect the Funk interviewed DYoungV about his solo exhibition "After Our World Ended" at Mirus Gallery, October 2017.  His post apocalyptic style is explored by learning about some of the dark aspects of humanity. Additionally contains footage of the opening reception and DYoungV's art in action. Check out the full video to see how art and war can CLASH.