Music Festival


Respect the Funk Partners with Lucidity Music Festival

Respect the Funk just joined Lucidity Music Festival as an official sponsor! Over the course of the 3 day experience, we are going to set up our headquarters in the Merchants Hall in order to market our new exciting product - The Festival Yearbook. As a publication set to capture the magic of a music festival, the Festival Yearbook will not only be a source of nostalgia for those who attended but also a source of inspiration for those who have not. For $20 we will ship the personalized publication to you doorstep 30 days after the event. Follow us as we create a new niche publication capable of impacting music lovers around the world. 

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Respect the Funk Stage at Shabang Music Festival

On May 5, 2018, Respect the Funk will co-host Shabang X Music Festival in San Luis Obispo. With an estimated turn out of 3,500 people, Shabang X is offering a second stage for the first time ever - and RTF is making it happen! Bringing in Burning Man art cars, silent disco, and geodesic pods - the Respect the Funk stage will be a highlight!