The Team


As a production house that develops and creates original content, the Respect the Funk team consists of a core group that tackles and executes projects together. Our artistic unity is exemplified through the completion of several creative pursuits as a collective. With our tools and innovative resources, Respect the Funk is capable of producing anything from short attention marketing hooks to feature length narrative films.


Gabriel Santos / Director / editor

Gabriel Santos is a director and the co-founder at Respect the Funk and Funk Visuals.  His professional career started early as he got a top in-house filmmaker position at the award winning nightclub 'Temple SF'. There he learned about the commercial industry and eventually moved to a film making position at Mad Decent Music Label, spearheaded by Diplo. There he got to work with leading music industry artists and direct and edit music videos and commercial spots. Although the commercial and music video industry has always had a place for Gabriel, his true passion lies with narrative film-making.  Working with people like Salvador Carrasco as a mentor, Gabriel has over ten short films and documentaries under his belt.
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nathan doherty / founder / producer

Nathan Doherty launched Respect the Funk in May, 2017 at Shabang Music Festival. Nathan facilitates and produces all the content associated with the magazine, videos, and events. He does all of the marketing and finance for the team as well as production coordinating and planning. Nathan orchestrates the full operation and delegates responsibilities throughout the team. He has experience working on a wide variety of projects including music videos, short films, documentaries, and commercials. As a visionary, Nathan looks at the big picture and then takes practical action to showcase and develop media.
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Oliver Issa / Director of Photography

Oliver is a mastermind behind setting up good lighting and well framed shots. His work as a cinematographer started as he built and flew drones in the Ariel Industry.  From there we went on to become the in house videographer at a cornerstone recording studio on the central coast: The Sauce Pot. Oliver also worked directly for Ted X as a media director executing their live stream and recap videos. As an editor, Oliver is one step ahead on set because he understands what shots are going to work well in the studio.
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Bishal Dutta / Director

Bishal Dutta is an award-winning director. His love for film began at age 6 and he has pursued that passion ever since. Bishal has now directed nineteen short films in all genres ranging from sci-fi and horror to romance and drama. During his two years living in Los Angeles, he has worked with companies such as Spec Scout LLC as well as with award-winning filmmakers and mentors such as Salvador Carrasco. After 6 months at the CinemadaMare program in Italy he directed three short films that went on to play at International film festivals. Bishal is studying at the UC Berkeley’s film program while also teaching a class on directing as well.


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Keenan Conway / Art Director

Keenan joined Respect the Funk with a special set of tools. As a practical asset to the team, Keenan develops and executes important projects associated with our events and Festival Yearbook. With several structure designs and original art pieces under his belt, Keenan creates an integral aesthetic to Respect the Funk. He has experience on the fabrication team at Start Project and holds expertise in welding, laser cutting, CNC machining, and 3D designing.

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