What is RTf?


“Respecting the Funk” is a movement that is a contra to humanity’s sometimes near arrival to perfection in design or art or architecture. An arrival that can intimidate and stifle even while it inspires. Folk art and folk design, on the other hand, honors the spirit of creativity in each attempting individual, even if (or especially when) the product is not along the “perfect” line.  When we respect the funk, we put down our guard; we allow a child’s drawing to be a sufficient expression of life. And when we respect the funk in others, we can better respect it in ourselves. When we allow ourselves that awkward moment of effort, we are better able to accept it from others. We are more at peace with our still-not-perfect selves; we are more at peace with this same thing in others. This magazine, this platform for creativity, is more than simply a new publication; it clears the table for the creative expressions of the starving artists. We want you to participate in its creation. We want you to be inspired to share you own points of artistic view, while appreciating the same in others. Think back to those publications that sanitized our life by leaving out the blemishes. So many projected ideals from advertising firms creating an image of a well groomed life.  Perhaps those publications served a purpose, but not the creative purpose of showing who we are through self created artistic flashes. “But how will I know what I’m thinking except if I hear myself talking?”That’s what this movement is about—talking through the artistic forms to discover for ourselves what it is we really think. Follow us to make this movement  a movement for our own best good, a movement where we discover who we are by seeing what we do.